Flavours, paths and secrets: an adventure through the most authentic Majorca

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Cities are the books you read with your feet – Quintin Cabrera

Palma de Mallorca is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world. Tourist guides give us an image of the cities, but if we really want to get to know them, we must walk around them, visit them and listen to them. This post aims to be a small sample of what to see in Mallorca, both in its capital Palma and in the rest of the island. Read on because we want you to get the itch to visit these secret spots that you won’t find in the traditional tourist guides on your next trip or getaway.

What to see in Majorca, beyond the typical

We could list everything you can see in Palma de Mallorca and it would be enough for a post in itself. In fact if that’s what you’re looking for you can take a look at What places to visit in Mallorca. The aim of this post is to give you some tips on what to see and do in Mallorca, both in the city and in the rest of the island. And we don’t want to stick to the typical. We know that there is a hidden Mallorca waiting to be discovered and we are going to show it to you here.

Palma de Mallorca, secrets and curiosities

Let’s start with the cathedral, which stands imposingly overlooking the sea.

The Cathedral of Mallorca, a prime example of Gothic art, is a must-see.

It is no less than 700 years old and one of its curiosities is that its rose window is the largest in the world of all Gothic cathedrals, with a diameter of 13 metres, hence its name, the Gothic eye. Legend has it that in the cathedral, in the Portal del Mirador area, is Doña Elisabet Safortesa Gual-Desmur, the cobbled woman. When she was widowed a few days after her wedding, Elisabet asked to be locked in a small room at the side of the Chapel of Sant Pere. A small space was left open through which she was provided with food and a small window that still remains, through which she was able to breathe some sea breeze during the thirteen years of voluntary confinement, until her death in 1589. There are many tombs in the cathedral, but one of the most curious in the temple is that of Bishop Gil Sánchez Muñoz, in the centre of the Gothic Chapter House. Tradition had it that a capelet or hat was placed on the tomb of the clergy. When it fell on it, the soul ascended to heaven. However, Gil Sánchez Muñoz’s hat has been hanging there since the 15th century, so its spirit must still be there.

Bellver Castle and its incredible views.

Its location was chosen in 1300 by King Jaime II in 1300 and even today it takes us back to medieval times. It was a palace-fortress to take refuge in case the island was attacked until it became a military prison and many years later, it was once again a prison during the Spanish Civil War.

The Almudaina Palace

It is also known as the Royal Palace of Palma de Mallorca as it is actually the official residence of the monarchs. It is owned by Patrimonio Nacional, unlike Marivent Palace, which is owned by the Balearic Government and ceded to the royal family out of deference.

The 10 best coves to anchor in Mallorca

The crystal-clear waters are a magnet for sailing enthusiasts. That is why we have selected for you the 10 essential coves where anchoring is permitted:

Cala Varques
Formentor Cove
Mondragó Cove
Cala d’Or cove
Agulla Cove
Cala Millor
Cala Ratjada
Llombards Cove
Deià Cove
Port de Sóller

Local gastronomy, another jewel to take into account

If you already know Mallorca, you will have visited its restaurants and savoured its gastronomy. But perhaps you are missing these places that are frequented by locals and that many of them are kept a little secret so that they are not flooded with tourists. For example, the variats de Can Pep des Pla and S’Olivera, in Binissalem, a small village in the interior of the island. Or the fideus de vermar at Ca s’Hereu. Els llonguets, which are thin sandwiches filled with all kinds of delicacies, including the delicious homemade sobrasada. Oh, that sobrasada is unrepeatable. Once you’ve tasted it, you won’t like any other. Xesc Reina’s sobrassada deserves a special mention. His farm can be visited and you can see his Iberian pigs. It is also worth mentioning his premium sobrasada dryers and his fuets, the only ones in existence made from Mallorcan black pigs. And what about the ensaimada? This typical Mallorcan sweet can be tasted in any oven on the island, but in Es Forn des Pla de na Tesa, they have been making ensaimadas for more than 120 years and three generations, some of them very creative. You can’t miss it. If you ask us for the best restaurant in Mallorca, it is very difficult to choose. But the safe bet is Sa Roqueta. Ideal for enjoying top-quality seafood cuisine: baked fish, dry or sweet rice dishes, legume dishes with seafood…

Nature and hiking in the Tramuntana mountain range

Hundreds of paths and stone terraces to explore await you in the north of the island. Walking through the Tramuntana mountain range means crossing medieval paths between the forest, the coast, ancient olive trees or sun-drenched orange and lemon groves. Stop to visit some of the beautiful villages, towns and traditional ports in this lesser-known area of the island. You can start exploring the sierra from Valldemossa, a charming village in the mountains where you can also try its “coca de patata”.Qué ver en Mallorca: la Mallorca más secreta

Unique experiences that you can only live in Mallorca

Imagine starting your day flying over the island in a hot air balloon at dawn. As the sun peeks over the horizon, the sky is tinged with shades of orange and pink, giving you a 360-degree view of the Mallorcan landscape: from the Tramuntana mountain range to the immense blue of the Mediterranean.

After landing, how about delving into the island’s wine tradition? Local bodegas open their doors to take you on a sensory journey through Mallorca’s vineyards.

It’s not just a wine tasting; it’s a story that begins in the soil and ends in your glass, told by those who dedicate their lives to viticulture. Learn about the local grape varieties and discover why Mallorca’s wines are gaining worldwide recognition, and you can’t leave without tasting the “anima negra”, a wine that captures the very essence of the island.

If you’re looking to learn about the local culture, why not try a traditional craft workshop? Immerse yourself in the world of ancestral crafts by participating in a workshop of siurells, clay figures typical of the island that are painted white, green and red. Under the guidance of local artisans, you will mould your own souvenir, connecting with Mallorcan history and culture in a deeply personal way.

Mallorca is not just about land and tradition; as you know, the sea plays an equally important role. Join a sunset boat trip and listen to the stories of the sailors, while the sky is tinged with orange, pink or lilac, because no sunset is the same as the last.

Finally, for diving enthusiasts, Mallorca offers underwater caves waiting to be explored. With the help of expert guides, dive into the world of cave diving, where stalactites and stalagmites create landscapes from another planet underwater. An opportunity to discover a side of Mallorca that few get to see, in the mysterious depths of the Mediterranean.

And after reading this article, what do you say? Are you ready to experience the island like never before?

Mallorca is waiting for you.