Boat excursions in Mallorca

At Sailing Trips Mallorca we offer you the best and most fun sunset sailboat excursions in Mallorca Live the adventure of your life aboard one of our sailboats and discover the best sensations in a boat driven by the wind.


Where to watch the sunset aboard a sailboat in Mallorca




Excursions to view the sunset on a sailboat in Mallorca

At Sailing Trips Mallorca we offer you the best and most fun sunset sailboat excursions in Mallorca Live the adventure of your life aboard one of our sailboats and discover the best sensations in a boat driven by the wind and with a spectacular and romantic sunset.

We put at your disposal all kinds of possibilities with excursions that adapt to your desires and needs. From an excursion with your partner, with the family, in a group, a bachelorette or bachelor party on a sailboat, or a beautiful sunset on a sailboat.

You can organize what you want most during the sunset on our sailboats in Mallorca. You can book it exclusively for you. You can come in a group. Organize company events, parties, birthdays and anything else you can think of. And all this with the guarantee and security of having sailboats with all the safety measures at sea with the best skippers and professional crews.

And to enjoy a sunset on a sailboat in Mallorca, all you have to do is bring your towel, swimsuit or bikini and sunscreen, we’ll take care of everything else. Drinks, food, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle surfing, it’s up to you. And all this so that everything is perfect for you experience on a sailboat with the sunsetting on the horizon.

We are going to take you sailing and you will be able to live the experience of being at the helm, helping with the sails and with the maneuvers on the boat. You will visit the best beaches and coves in different areas of the islands. From impressive beaches of fine white sand with kilometers of beach. Like the small and almost inaccessible virgin coves where the water is so crystal clear that you can see the bottom and the fish. And what better than diving and snorkeling in wonderful waters like those of Mallorca in a marvelous and romantic sunset. Join the fun of a sunset sailboat!

Frequently asked questions about sunset sailboat excursions in Mallorca

What happens to my boat excursion in Mallorca if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad on your boat excursions in Mallorca, the nautical experience and excursion rental company will assess the conditions and, if necessary, reschedule the activity to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience.

How many people fit on a sailboat?

The number of people that can fit on a sailboat depends on the size and design of the boat. Here is a general classification based on the size of the sailboats:

Small Sailboat (15-25 feet / 4.5-7.6 meters): These sailboats can accommodate between 2 and 4 people, depending on the layout and desired comfort.

Medium Sailboat (26-40 feet / 7.9-12.2 meters): On this type of sailboat, usually between 4 and 8 people can fit.

Large Sailboat (41-65 feet / 12.5-19.8 meters): These larger sailboats can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people.

Very Large Sailboat (more than 65 feet / 19.8 meters): These luxury sailboats can hold more than 12 people, depending on the layout and on board amenities.

Remember that these figures are approximate and may vary depending on the specific design and configuration of each sailboat.

Which are the schedules?

The schedules of the nautical excursions are usually fixed depending on the selected experience, the departures are usually scheduled throughout the day, and can be adapted to the preferences of the clients in case they have been coordinated with prior notice. They may include morning, afternoon or sunset departures.

Do you have life jackets on the sailboat?

Yes, all boats are equipped with life jackets to ensure the safety of passengers during the excursion.

The number of life jackets needed on a sailboat depends on the maximum capacity of people on board. They must be in good condition and easily accessible in an emergency.

Is it easy to get seasick on the boat?

Seasickness on the boat can vary depending on the person and the sea conditions. However, most sailboat excursions in Mallorca take place in calm water, which reduces the possibility of dizziness.

Motion sickness may be more common on sailboats due to the nature of the waves and the speed of the boat, but varies from person to person and may depend on previous experience at sea.

Will I have problems getting on the sailboat?

Getting on a sailboat is generally easy with the help of the company’s staff and the appropriate facilities on board. People with reduced mobility may require additional assistance.

What can I take on the sailboat?

On the sailboat, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, towel, bathing suit and a waterproof bag for personal belongings. We generally recommend that people wear white rubber shoes to reduce the possibility of the boat becoming dirty, but in the summer the footwear is usually light and is not necessary.

Will my things get wet during the sailboat excursion to see the sunset?

For sunset, some things may get slightly wet due to sea spray. It is recommended to bring a waterproof bag to protect valuables.

What kind of excursion is offered on a sailboat in Mallorca?

In Mallorca, sailboat excursions can include panoramic tours, dolphin watching, snorkeling, local food and cava tastings, and visits to hidden coves and beaches.

What does the sailboat excursion include?

These sailboat excursions usually include boat rental, crew, insurance, snorkel gear, drinks and snacks. Additional options may include on board meals or specific water activities.

How long does the sailboat excursion in Mallorca last?

The duration of a sailboat excursion in Mallorca can vary, but in general, it ranges from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the type of experience selected.

Is it safe to sail on a sailboat?

Sailing on a sailboat is safe, as long as the crew’s instructions are followed and safety regulations are respected.

What equipment is needed for a sailboat excursion?

The necessary equipment for a sailboat excursion could include: Comfortable and light clothing, jacket or light sweater, hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, non-slip shoes, towel, waterproof bag, bottle of water, light snacks, plastic or cloth bag, basic first aid kit.

What skills do I need to sail on a sailboat?

No specific skills are required to navigate a sailboat, as the crew is in charge of navigation. However, it is important to follow their instructions to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

What type of accommodation is provided on a sailboat excursion?

Accommodation on a sailboat excursion varies depending on the duration and type of experience. Normally these types of experiences are on demand, you just have to request it, we will adapt and find the best for you.

Some common types of accommodation on a sailboat include:

Staterooms: Staterooms are small rooms located inside the sailboat, usually including one or more beds, storage space and, in some cases, a private room. The number and size of the cabins vary according to the design of the ship and can accommodate from one to several people.

Saloon: On many sailboats, the saloon is a common space where guests can relax, eat, and socialize. Some saloons have sofas or seats that convert into beds to sleep.

Berths: Some smaller boats that are designed to accommodate a larger number of people may have berths instead of cabins. Bunk beds are usually smaller and less private spaces, but can be a cheaper option.

Deck: In certain cases, guests can choose to sleep on the deck of the sailboat, using mats, sleeping bags or hammocks. However this may not be suitable for all weather conditions and may be less comfortable and safe than sleeping in a cabin or bunk

Can children participate in a sailboat excursion?

Yes, children can participate in sailboat excursions, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. However, it is important to take into account some considerations to ensure your safety and well-being during the journey:

Minimum age: If you always have doubts, ask us about the minimum age, although as a general rule our excursions are to all ages.

Constant supervision: Children must always be under the supervision of a responsible adult to avoid accidents and ensure their safety at all times.

Life jackets: Make sure children wear life jackets appropriate for their size and weight. It is essential for your safety in the event that one falls into the water.

Weather conditions: Check the weather forecast before the excursion and in case of doubt ask us. Likewise, it will be avoided to go sailing if there are adverse conditions, such as storms or strong winds, since they could put children at risk.

Preparation and acclimatization: It is important that children are familiar with the environment and safety rules on a sailboat. You can teach them how to get around on board, how to behave and what to do in an emergency.

Avoid motion sickness: To prevent motion sickness in children, it is advisable to administer specific medications for motion sickness before the excursion, according to the doctor’s instructions.

Hydration and sun protection: Make sure children drink enough water and use adequate sun protection to prevent dehydration and sunburn.

What security is there for the participants on a boat excursion?

The safety of the participants in a boat excursion is a priority for nautical experience rental companies. Life jackets are usually provided, a safety briefing is conducted before sailing, and the crew is trained in first aid and emergency procedures. In addition, the boats are equipped with safety devices such as flares, lifebuoys and radio beacons.

What kind of weather can you expect during a sailboat excursion in Mallorca?

During a sailing excursion in Mallorca, you can expect warm and sunny weather in the summer months, with temperatures ranging between 25ºC y 30ºC. The winds are usually moderate, which allows comfortable navigation. However, weather conditions can vary, so it is always advisable to be prepared with appropriate clothing and check the weather forecast before setting sail.