What to visit in Mallorca

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Mallorca is one of the most frequented destinations in Spain. Thousands of tourists come every year to visit this island so famous for its crystal clear water coves and its movie-like sunsets. Among the places to visit in Mallorca we could not miss Palma, its capital, an environment full of history and heritage that surprises everyone who comes to visit it. Therefore, today we bring you some of the essential places to enjoy the city to the fullest.

1. Bellver Castle

The Bellver Castle offers one of the best panoramic views of the capital and the port, being one of the places to visit in Mallorca that can not be missed. This castle is the best place to learn more about the island, as it houses the City History Museum. It also stands out for its round shape surrounded by semicircular towers that give it a unique appearance and for which this curious monument has become famous. An obligatory stop especially if you are sightseeing in the capital on Sundays, when you can enter for free.

This castle, located 3 km from the village on a small hill, has a Gothic and medieval style setting in the center of the castle. Walking through it, it is not difficult to imagine different events and real celebrations. It was built between 1300 and 1311 as a commission from Jaime II who conceived it as a palace-fortress. In this way it functioned as a royal residence, while serving as an unbreakable fortress. Walking through the palace you discover a fine and elegant decoration that makes you feel like a king.

Later, in 1717, the palace would become a military prison and in 1821 it would even begin to be used as an improvised mint.

2. Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Maria de Mallorca

“La Seu” of Mallorca, is the most famous image of the capital and maybe of the island, that’s why it is one of the places to visit in Mallorca. This cathedral is located in front of the Parc del Mar, from where you can get the most photogenic profile. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the city, among other reasons, for its Gothic style and the beautiful play of lights and colors generated inside, produced by its rose windows and large windows. It stands out, among other things, for having the largest Gothic rose window in the world.

Another reason to enter this monument in Mallorca is the opportunity to admire the impressive 21-meter high columns inside. At the beginning of the last century this cathedral was reformed by the hand of Antonio Gaudí being able to find different touches of the artist throughout the temple.

On the other hand, just in front is the large lake of Parque del Mar, near the port, an environment where you can relax and have a drink while admiring the cathedral.

3. Royal Palace of L’Almudaina

L’Almudaina is another of the most beautiful historic buildings in the capital. It is located next to the Cathedral and is perfect for a stop before entering the city center . This palace was the symbol of civil power for centuries, where it housed the first Arabs and even members of theSpanish royal courts after the reconquest. Today, it still plays the role of official residence, welcoming the Spanish royal family when they visit the island.

It is characterized by its fascinating architecture which can be seen both in the facade and in the rooms, where the influences of each of the cultures that have passed through the island are clearly differentiated. Among them you can recognize the structure of the old Muslim Alcazar, although it stands out for its Gothic style. It has wonders such as the chapel of Santa Ana. Right next to the palace are the gardens of l’Hort del Rei, perfect to take refuge from the Mallorcan sun.

4. Old town and Jewish quarter

The tour continues through the historic center of Palma, where you can get lost in the network of narrow streets of medieval times. A place to see in Mallorca and where there are many manor houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with wonderful interior courtyards, many of them restored to preserve its charm. The rise of Catalan modernism on the island can be seen in buildings such as the Gran Hotel.

Streets like Estudi General, Morey, Portella or Sol are some of the magnificent environments to visit in Mallorca and where you can discover more than 60 patios distributed with wonders like: Casal Solleric, Can Vivot, Cal Marquès del Reguer or Can Juny.

Precisely in the garden of one of the old palaces, in Can Serra street, is located one of the few remnants left by the Moorish architecture. There you will find the Arab Baths of a spectacular private house that once had swimming pools and steam baths. A place to rest from the oppressive summer heat of the island and to enjoy a moment of peace and disconnection in its garden.

In the same way, its Plaza Mayor and the Call stand out, the latter being one of the most interesting neighborhoods. This is the area where the Jewish community used to live, with almost 5,000 inhabitants. You can enjoy wonders such as the Plaza Santa Eulalia or the place where the old synagogue was located.

5. A stroll through the Port of Mallorca

Undoubtedly, it is one of the longest avenues of the capital, which crosses almost the entire city surrounding the coast. It is a good place to enjoy a beer or an incredible walk and that could not be missing among the places to visit in Mallorca.

There you can find the Lonja de Mallorca, an architectural marvel and one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital, which is located in the area of the historic center that connects with the port area. The fish market continues the Gothic style that can be found in other buildings in the city. Built between 1420 and 1452, it was built to house the headquarters of the College of Merchants, with an air reminiscent of the Lonja de la Seda in Valencia.

If you continue along the Passeig Maritim you can walk along the wide pedestrian promenade with incredible views of both the sea and the city. There you will find some of the most famous discotheques, as well as being the place where some of the different sailing day trips in Mallorca start.
day sailing excursions in Mallorca begin.
to enjoy a sunset or a day at sea.

These are some of the places to visit in Mallorca that you cannot miss if you go to the island. You can also choose to get lost in the beaches and coves of your dreams, where you can practice water sports or take a boat ride. An obligatory stop for history and sea lovers.