Boat Trips Portocolom

At Sailing Trips Mallorca we offer you the best and most fun sailing trips in Portocolom in Mallorca. Live the adventure of your life aboard one of our sailing boats and discover the best sensations on a boat driven by the wind visiting the stunning coves of Mallorca on boat trips in Portocolom.

Its crystal clear and calm waters are the ideal starting point for a day of enjoyment in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Imagine setting sail at dawn, when the sun is just beginning to bathe the sea and promises a day full of adventure, discovery and relaxation.

On board one of our modern and fully equipped boats, the sea becomes your personal entertainment.

Sail to the nearby Cala Marsal, a hidden gem just a few minutes’ sail away, where turquoise waters and white sand form a paradise for sun and sea lovers. Dive into the calm waters for a refreshing swim or explore the colourful seabed by snorkelling.

Not only do we offer you the perfect boat for your day of adventure, but also everything you need to make your experience comfortable and safe.

From snorkelling equipment to personalised recommendations for discovering the area’s best kept secrets, our team is dedicated to making your day at sea an unforgettable one if you ask us to.

End the day with a unique sunset, a spectacle of colours and reflections. It will be the perfect farewell to a day that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

Your Mediterranean adventure begins at Sailing Trip Mallorca.

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Boat Trips in Portocolom | Calas de Mallorca

At Sailing Trips Mallorca we offer you the best and most fun sailing excursions in Portocolom in Mallorca. Live the adventure of your life aboard one of our sailboats and discover the best sensations in a boat driven by the wind visiting the impressive Calas de Mallorca on boat trips in Portocolom.

We put at your disposal all kinds of possibilities with excursions that adapt to your desires and needs. From a half-day sailing trip in Portocolom to a full-day sailing excursion in Portocolom, a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party on a sailboat in Portocolom or a beautiful sunset on a sailboat in Portocolom.

On our sailboats in Portocolom, you can organize whatever you want. You can book it exclusively for you. You can come in a group. Organize company events, parties, birthdays and anything else you can think of. And all this with the guarantee and security of having sailboats and catamarans with all the safety measures at sea and with the best skippers and professional crews fully dedicated to offering you the best service and fun.

We set sail from the beautiful natural bay of the port of Portocolom to sail with our professional crews. We anchor in the most spectacular coves like: Cala Barques, Cala Mitjana, Cala Sa Nau and many others. We will visit Cala D’or and Porto Petro. We will eat in one of those wonderful coves and if you feel like it, we will watch the sunset in a paradisiacal place until nightfall.

And you just have to bring your towel, swimsuit or bikini and sunscreen, we’ll take care of everything else. Drinks, food, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle surfing, it’s up to us. And all this so that everything is perfect in your experience on a sailboat or catamaran.

We are going to take you sailing and you will be able to discover the experience of being at the helm, helping with the sails and with the maneuvers on the boat. You will visit the best coves in Mallorca from Portocolom. From impressive beaches of fine white sand. Like the small and almost inaccessible virgin coves where the water is so crystal clear that you can see the seabed and the fish. And what better than diving and snorkeling in wonderful, crystal-clear waters. Join the fun!

Coves and beaches of Portocolom

Portocolom is a perfect starting point to explore some of the gems of Mallorca.

– First stop, Cala Marçal.

Just a few minutes’ sail away, you come across this beach of turquoise waters and golden sand.

Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda and Cala D’Or. Along the coast to the south, these three coves await you with open arms to enjoy a bath in the sun and the sea.

– Not far away is Cala Sa Nau.

This beautiful beach is the end of a meander of the sea, in the shape of an “ese” and the mouth into the sea of a freshwater spring. Its sand and seaweed bottom and its depth (between three and five metres) make it the ideal place to anchor close to the shore.

– Continue your adventure to Cala Mondragó, declared a Natural Park for its extraordinary beauty and biodiversity. Here, nature expresses itself in all its splendour, between blue waters and fine sands. Cala Mondragó is one of the best blue flag beaches in Mallorca.

– Finally, you can sail north to Cala Varques, a secluded, unspoilt beach with a hippy spirit.

Accessible mainly by sea, it offers the promise of an exclusive getaway. Its deep waters and nearby caves are the perfect setting for the adventurous. You might find some free souls selling jewellery, drinks or other small souvenirs.