Where to rent a boat in Mallorca without a license?

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One of the best ways to tour Mallorca at your own pace is by renting a boat. In the Balearic Islands you can find a wide offer from small boats, sailboats to different yachts. In addition to a wide range of excursions where you can have fun with friends or your partner, while an expert drives the boat, you can opt for renting a boat without a license in Mallorca, where you will be the captain.

It must be taken into account that almost all vessels require a navigation license such as the PNB license or the Yacht Master license. For those who want to enjoy the sea but do not have a license, Sailing Trips offers a wide range of boat rentals in Mallorca without a license.



Which boats can be rented without a license in Mallorca?

Normally, when it comes to motor vessels, these can be up to 5 meters in length. In the case of a sailing vessel, the range is extended to 6 meters. In both cases, they cannot exceed the power of 15 hp. It must be taken into account that in any case they must sail no more than 2 miles from the port and the maximum time allowed to sail the waters is one day.

Where to rent boats without a license on the island of Mallorca?

Sailing Trips as part of the Global Tourist Services Group, a group dedicated to yacht charters, has a catalog of vessels available for use without a license. Not only different excursions around Mallorca are offered, but also a charter service with or without crew, on the specialized charter website: Nautic Adventure.

To find the one that suits your needs, simply filter your search and in a few seconds you will have a wide range of boats to choose from. A hassle-free way to enjoy your vacation in just a few minutes. These vessels are available in several ports, among them:

Boat rentals without license in Pollensa



The port of Pollensa is one of the most famous of the island, for being the place that inspired Agatha Cristie to write her novels. This beautiful place located between the mountains of northern Mallorca has long sandy beaches, surrounded by cafes and hotels leaving a dreamy postcard that enamors everyone who approaches.

Its cozy fishing port is also one of the most popular in the world. of Mallorca. Here you can choose to rent an unlicensed boat such as the Yamaha Quasaramong all those who are in this part of Mallorca, sailing around the area and enjoying unparalleled viewsespecially beautiful at sunset.

Boat rental without license Marina Cala d’Or



The Marina Cala d’Or is a marina located in the village with the same name, in the southeast of the Mallorcan island, very close to the famous town of Santanyí. It is one of the most important of the island, for its famous social atmosphere. It is located in the bay of Llong and is perfect for renting a boat with or without a license.

From here you can tour part of the bay enjoying a vessel with an attractive style, but being easy to handle. These boats are usually ideal for groups of up to 5 people to anchor on the small beaches of this bay. Some of them, such as
Pegazus 460
Some of them, such as Pegazus 460, have a comfortable ladder for swimming in the sea and an area where you can sunbathe quietly, listening only to the sound of the sea in the background.

Undoubtedly, unlicensed boat rentals in Mallorca are the perfect way to tour the island and relax on the sea. A unique experience, in which you can discover the area while having the chance to navigate and control the ship, being the captain for a day.