Street markets in Majorca: route the most picturesque of the island

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“Shoes at 2×1, buy one shoe and the other one goes for free”.

If you are a lover of flea markets you have surely heard a thousand and one phrases similar to this one to catch your attention.

The truth is that flea markets in Majorca are special places that enjoy great popularity among locals and tourists.

In them you can get in touch with local people and buy all kinds of items.

If when you go on a trip the flea markets are an important part of your visit, keep reading because today we bring you the most picturesque flea markets of the island that you cannot miss.

Why do we like street markets so much?

The answer to this question is subjective, but without a doubt both markets and flea markets attract us because there is life, there are people and there are stories.

The reality is that there are few things more authentic and unpredictable than a market, and perhaps that’s why when we travel, markets are a must-see, as an immersive cultural experience.

In addition, there is another reason beyond the emotional, which is none other than the benefit of being able to get the freshest and most unique products.

Street markets as a tourist attraction

Shopping is recognized as the primary means of generating tourism revenue.
In fact, when we travel, we spend 3 times more than when we are at home.
Approximately one third of the travel budget is dedicated to shopping according to several studies.

And in a destination like Mallorca, one of the attractions of the summer beyond the sun and the beach are its colorful and picturesque markets and open-air markets that are held day and night.

The markets are the meeting point for artisans, artists, local food producers and small vendors where it is sometimes possible to enjoy live music performances and a rich gastronomic offer.

Mimbre mercadillo MallorcaBelow is a list of essential street markets.

Guide to street markets in Mallorca

Mallorca’s markets are so varied that it is difficult to choose just one.

That is why we bring you a guide to ten of the most important ones.

Ten of the most important weekly markets in Mallorca

  • Alcúdia
    It is one of the best known
    What can we find?
    Food: fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.
    Clothes and costume jewelry: We would emphasize the leather articles very varied and at moderate prices.
    When is the opening hours?
    Tuesdays and Sundays from 8:30h. to 13:30h.
  • Andratx
    What can we find?
    Typical Majorcan products, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as flowers, handicrafts and clothes.
    When can we find them?
    Wednesday from 8:00h. to 15:00h.
  • Inca Market
    It is one of the largest markets in Mallorca, well known for its leather goods.
    What can we find?
    Stalls of shoes, bags, leather jackets, belts and also many food items.
    When is the market open?
    Every Thursday from 8:00 to 13:00.
  • Manacor
    What can we find?
    Textile, leather, Mallorcan handmade products, fashion, footwear and gifts.
    When are we open?
    Monday from 8:00h. to 13:30h.
  • Cala Millor
    What can we find?
    Fresh food, spices and bakery products.
    There is also a wide range of leather goods, jewelry, clothing, accessories and gifts.
    When is the market open?
    Every Monday from March to October. Hours: 9:00h. to 13:00h.
  • Sóller Market
    What can we find?
    Fruit and vegetables, handicraft products, textiles, footwear, gifts, plants and flowers.
    When is the market open?
    Saturdays from 9:00h. to 14:00h.
  • Port de Pollença
    What can we find?
    Food, fruit and vegetables, plants, flowers, clothes, accessories, ceramics and gifts.
    When is it open?
    Wednesday from 9:00h. to 13:00h.
  • Santanyí Market
    It is one of the most visited of the island and from May to October it has an international atmosphere.
    What can we find?
    Food, handicrafts and textiles.
    When is the market open?
    Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00h. to 14:00h.
  • Porto Petro night market.
    What can we find?
    Handicrafts, jewelry, ceramics, decoration, gifts, etc.
    Every Friday during the summer (from May to October).
    From 18:00h. to 23:00h.
  • Sineu Market
    What can we find?
    Of all the markets, Sineu is the most traditional and, even today, animals are sold here. There are also stalls selling fresh fruit, plants and flowers, as well as clothes, jewelry and textiles.
    When is the market open?
    Wednesdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Ropa en mercadillo

The markets of Palma de Majorca

In the capital city of Palma, we have the artisan food markets such as the artisan market of Plaça Major, the Mercado del Olivar or the Mercado de Pere Grau, and a whole series of weekly markets among which we highlight:

  • Paseo Sagrera
    What can we find?
    In it the artisans and artists sell their work of ceramics, decoration, gifts, painting, photographs, jewelry, handbags, leather belts, products made of wood.
    All original and unique.
    When is it open?
    From May to September, from Thursday to Sunday from 19h. to 00.30 h.
  • S’Hort des Rei
    What can we find?
    A craft market where the manufacturer himself sells his product without intermediaries:
    Unique handmade pieces and exclusive design and traditional crafts, clothing and decorative items made of glass.
    We also find bags, clothes, jewelry, wooden pieces, wool fabrics, leather, ceramics, gifts, ornaments and accessories.
    When is it open?
    From Easter to October from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In conclusion, we add that the markets of Mallorca are very special and from here we invite you to explore and enjoy these charming spaces.

Have fun!

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