Majorca Weddings: celebrate your big day in the Mediterranean paradise

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“Encontrar mi media naranja” is a very Spanish saying to refer to finding love.

If you’ve already bumped into that person you’re going to share the road with, maybe you’re already thinking about a wedding.

Can you think of a better place to celebrate than under the sun and on the shores of the Mediterranean? Weddings in Mallorca are all the rage and it’s no coincidence: its pleasant climate, picture-postcard landscapes, history and rich gastronomy are all the ingredients needed to celebrate almost fairytale weddings.

Read on because we tell you why celebrating your wedding in Mallorca will be the best decision of your life.

Mallorca the ideal destination for weddings

Mallorca is a very popular tourist destination, you’ve probably already visited it. And it is an ideal place to celebrate a wedding.

The island offers incredible and varied landscapes: coves with turquoise waters, castles in the middle of nature, charming villages, avant-garde but historic cities, etc.

Another decisive factor is the climate, which is almost perfect for outdoor weddings with pleasant temperatures all year round, many sunny days and little rainfall. This is the ideal climate to guarantee a sunny and wonderful wedding.

Last but not least, the countless possibilities in terms of venue guarantee that you will be able to find the location of your dreams: luxurious hotels, castles, exclusive halls, villas, farmhouses…

Wedding season in Mallorca

The wedding season in Mallorca is longer than in other destinations, running from April to October.

June and September are the most popular months so we recommend you book early if you choose these dates. However, it is also not a bad idea to celebrate your wedding in any of the other months, as the good weather will almost certainly be with you.

Let’s take a look at each month of the wedding season in Mallorca to see what the weather is like:

  • April. It is a pleasant month in Mallorca, with an average temperature of 16°C and little rainfall (5 days on average).
  • May is also very pleasant, with temperatures around 19°C and only 4 days of rain. It is a great month for outdoor activities such as hiking or celebrating a wedding.
  • June Summer begins in Mallorca, with an average temperature of around 23°C. Rainfall drops to two days on average and the possibility of strong winds is very low. It is the perfect month to enjoy the beaches, because the water temperature allows for pleasant bathing or water sports.
  • July This is one of the hottest months on the island, with temperatures averaging 26/27°C and one day of rain. Another perfect month for enjoying the outdoors and being close to the water.
  • August is usually the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 27/28°C. As August progresses into September, there is a greater chance of thunderstorms, although rainfall days are around two. In August we all continue to enjoy the island’s beaches and coves, as well as water sports and nautical activities.
  • September is a very pleasant month, with an average temperature of 24°C. and five days of rainfall. The sea is still warm so we can continue to take advantage of the countless beaches, coves and routes that Mallorca has to offer.

Emblematic wedding venues in Mallorca

If you want a Mediterranean wedding, it is very difficult to find a better place than Mallorca.

From rustic fincas to urban hotels and luxurious villas, in Mallorca you will always find a TOP venue for the best day of your life.

On this occasion, we are going to focus on the hotels in the capital.

Weddings in hotels in Palma de Mallorca

  • Hotel Antigua Palma
    Can you imagine celebrating your wedding in an authentic Mallorcan house in the heart of the medieval centre? Antigua Palma is more than a 5 star hotel. Adorable corners, patios and secrets will make your wedding seem to be celebrated in another era.
  • Hotel Artmadams
    A few metres from the promenade, the Hotel Artmadams has a classic and elegant character. As a curiosity, it offers a collection of modern art around its common areas by several renowned Mallorcan artists that give it a very special touch.
  • Hotel Basilica
    An authentic historic palace in Gothic style in the heart of the old town of Palma de Mallorca, very close to the Basilica of San Francisco. A hotel with exquisite details, luxurious rooms and meticulously designed common areas that make up an ideal and exclusive building to celebrate love.
  • Hotel Calatrava.
    An atypical, island and intimate hotel in the heart of the city’s historic centre. Its stunning sea views are ideas for a wedding in the purest Mediterranean style. You won’t regret celebrating your wedding here.
  • Hotel Can Cera.
    In the heart of the old quarter of Palma de Mallorca, Can Cera. It is a small palace converted into a five-star hotel that will delight the most demanding guests, with 17th century furniture and avant-garde paintings.
  • Hotel Palladium.
    An elegant design hotel: a jewel that combines the traditional hospitality of a friendly staff with a touch of attractive innovation.
  • Hotel Petit Montision-
    An urban hotel where design and comfort come together to offer a unique experience in the heart of the Sa Gerreria district.
  • Hotel Sant Francesc.
    Its impressive terrace with panoramic views invites you to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in the open air. If you are looking for an urban hotel for your celebration, the Hotel San Francesc is a perfect choice. Hotel Santa Clara Its historical charm mixed with modern design and exceptional location make the Santa Clara Urban Hotel a unique choice for a dream wedding.


Services available for weddings in Mallorca

Celebrating your wedding in Mallorca is a safe bet as the island has all the services you can imagine to provide unique experiences for couples and their guests.

  • Wedding planners. In Mallorca there are many options for wedding planners. Any of them can help you create a unique event, personalising every detail and covering the whole process from the planning and design of the entire event to the coordination on the day of the wedding.
  • Companies that create unique experiences and take care of every detail. They listen to you to know your tastes and needs and offer you multiple services for weddings such as:
    • Table and chair hire
    • Furniture rental
    • Tableware rental
    • Crockery hire
    • Decoration
    • Set-ups
    • Lighting equipment rental
    • Audio equipment rental
  • Catering companies. It doesn’t matter if you have in mind a small intimate wedding with a few guests or if your idea is to organise a multitudinous event. Mallorca has catering companies with proven experience. They offer local products and elaborate wedding creations with fresh, simple, contemporary menus or top quality traditional gastronomy. The choice is yours!
  • Empresas de Animación. Las empresas de animación son la guida de cualquier evento. Con ellas puedes pasar de una buena fiesta a algo muy superior. Un evento que sea realmente especial y que quede en la memoria de los asistentes por sus pequeños detalles. La isla en ese aspecto también dispone de muchas alternativas.
    • Children’s entertainment. It is important to take into account the entertainment of the little ones. Just like adults, they should enjoy and remember this day as something very special, so having a good team to carry this out is essential.
    • Personalised music. If music is an essential element in your day-to-day life, at your wedding celebration it is something that takes on a special importance at various moments of the event: during the ceremony, at the cocktail or pre-dance, even during the DJ session. Jazz, soul, funk, classical music, samba, chill out, electronic, oldies,… whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Mallorca.
    • Fun. If you want your guests to have fun, Mallorca has companies that do just that: comedians, photo booths and props to make the event funny and enjoyable.
    • Decoration. In Mallorca you will also find great decoration professionals who will take care of any detail: balloons, flowers, posters. Decorate in an original way the most important moment of your life with endless possibilities à la carte and with those details that will blow your guests’ minds.
    • Butterfly release.On the island there is even a company dedicated to creating magical moments with the release of butterflies (native and raised with the utmost respect) during the celebration.

Majorca Weddings

Legal aspects and documentation to be submitted

Prospective spouses, whether Spanish or foreign, must provide:

  • Original and photocopy of the DNI, NIE or passport of each of the spouses.
  • Updated census registration certificate of the spouses that accredits residence in the last two years. This must be requested from the town councils where you have resided in the last two years. In the event of not residing in Spain for the last two years, the certificate of census, domicile, residence or equivalent will be issued by the consulate or competent authority of the country in which you have resided.
  • Original and copy of the family record book if you have children in common. Up-to-date birth certificate for each of the spouses.
  • Two witnesses of legal age who must appear on the day of the appointment with the original and photocopy of the identity document.

In addition to these documents, foreign nationals must provide:

  • Certificate of marital status or matrimonial capacity attesting to marital status at the time of marriage, or prior to marriage, issued by the consulate, embassy or competent authority of your country of origin.
  • Certificate of matrimonial capacity or certificate of the impossibility of issue, issued by your country of origin: Germany, Netherlands Antilles, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey.

We recommend you contact a lawyer to solve your legal doubts about marriage issues if you are foreigners and wish to get married in Spain.

In conclusion, we have seen that celebrating a wedding in Mallorca is a great idea as the island has everything a couple is looking for: beach, nature, fun, good facilities, gastronomy and Mediterranean climate. Whatever you have in mind, you will find it in Mallorca.