Es Trenc Mallorca: the most complete guide to the island’s most unspoilt beach

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The Caribbean of Mallorca”
This is how they call the beach of Es Trenc, which is the protagonist of this post. If you are planning a holiday on the island, you should not miss Es Trenc Mallorca.

We are going to tell you how to get there, what to do there and some curiosities and tips to make your trip to Es Trenc a success.

Keep reading our complete guide!

Es Trenc Majorca how to arrive

Es Trenc is the largest sandy beach on the island of Mallorca (3000m long) and the only virgin beach left on the island. It is a paradise of fine white sand and crystalline turquoise waters thanks to its posidonia meadows, declared a Natural Park.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about how to get to one of the best beaches on the island.

How to get to Es Trenc by road

The distance between the city of Palma and Es Trenc beach is 50 km, about 45 minutes by car. Google maps offers you several options, but the usual one is to take the MA-19 road to Colònia de Sant Jordi.

There is no major problem and when you get there you will see that there is a car park. However, like almost all the car parks on the beaches of the Balearic Islands, they tend to be full in summer, so we recommend arriving early if you choose to go by car. Another option for driving to Es Trenc beach in Mallorca is to get there from the small town of Ses Covetes.

You also have the option of taking the bus from Palma to Sa Rapita and Ses Covetes, and from there, walking to Es Trenc.
Here you should bear in mind that this bus is quite full in summer, and that it makes many stops along the way.

Finally, there is the possibility of hiring an organised excursion. Normally you will be picked up at your hotel or in a specific area of Palma and dropped off in Colònia de Sant Jordi. From there it will take you no more than a 20-minute walk to reach Es Trenc.

Getting there by sea

There are many excursions from Colònia de Sant Jordi that bring you close to the beach or allow you to spend the day on a boat in this emblematic area.

They usually include a visit to other nearby coves such as Es Caragol and a barbecue or catering on board for a different kind of day enjoying the south of Mallorca.

What to do in Es Trenc?

The first thing that crosses your mind when you arrive at Es Trenc is to go for a swim and then dry off in the sun on the white sand. It is true that Es Trenc does not offer the opportunity to practice water sports: ski, ride the banana or enjoy windsurfing as in other areas of the island, but this is not a problem.
There are many other activities you can do in Es Trenc as we are going to see below.

Snorkelling in Es Trenc

Just by looking at the photos of the Es Trenc beach you can imagine yourself adjusting your goggles and snorkel to take a look at the seabed, can’t you? Es Trenc is indeed the ideal place for snorkelling and marvelling at this other underwater world. Two pieces of advice:

  • Remember to take your own snorkelling equipment.
  • Check the weather because if a strong southerly wind is forecast, the sea will be rough and you won’t be able to see the bottom with the sand in suspension.

cristal water Es Tren Mallorca

Walking along the beach

Es Trenc is ideal for strolling along the sand. With no buildings in sight, you will enjoy an unspoilt beach that will transport you to a Mediterranean landscape from a time long ago, when mass tourism had not yet made its appearance.

On this walk, you will be able to see old machine-gun nests built during the Second World War in anticipation of a possible landing. They are abandoned bunkers that have arisen due to the erosion of the beach.

Watch the sunset

The sunset in es Trenc is pure wonder! To its already magical atmosphere, you have to add the colours of the sunset and the last reflections on the water.

And if just after sunset you can take a swim, we assure you that the experience will be one of the most beautiful of your trip. The sunset in Es Trenc is one of the coolest on the island, but not the only one.

At Sailing Trip Mallorca we offer you excursions to see the sunset in other fascinating enclaves such as Porto Cristo, Portocolom, Pollença or the bay of Palma.

Visiting the Salobrar and the area around Es Trenc

El Salobrar is considered the second marsh of the island, where you can observe migratory birds such as flamingos, cormorants and storks. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit El Salobrar in spring or autumn, this is when the incredible spectacle of the pink flamingos stopping over on their migration takes place.

The Salobrar occupies part of the beach of Es Trenc and is one of the most ecologically valuable coastal systems in Mallorca. It is made up of several man-made ponds used for salt extraction.

General characteristics and services available in Es Trenc

Below you will find two summary tables so that at a glance you can get to know the characteristics and services of Es Trenc.

General characteristics of the beach

Accessibility Yes
Beach condition Fine sand
Beach slope Downwards
Water condition Crystal clear and shallow water
Suitable for families Yes
Nudism Yes
Dogs allowed No


Services available in Es Trenc

Sun loungers and parasols for hire Yes
Showers No
Public toilets Yes
Restaurant/Bar Yes
Lifeguard Yes
Promenade No
Parking Yes


Arenal Es Trenc Malloorca

Final tips and recommendations

Finally, here are some tips and curiosities:

  • Get up early. If you don’t mind getting up early and being there at dawn, you’ll enjoy something impressive that few people take away with them. And also, the other more earthly prize: you will be able to park in the car park, as in summer it is sometimes difficult to get there.
  • Seaweed: Many tourists claim that during their visit it was full of seaweed, but you should know that these are underwater plants that grow in meadows and are synonymous with the highest quality water. It is the Posidonia Oceanica
  • Shade. In Es Trenc, there are no pine trees or shade nearby. That is why you should bring your own parasol or your own bottle of sunscreen. You can also rent one of the parasols available.
  • On the beach there are some beach bars that can be dismantled in summer, where they sell ice-creams and soft drinks. There is also a good restaurant. But another good option is to bring your own picnic to eat on the sand.

And this is the end of our guide to Es Trenc Mallorca. We hope you find it useful to prepare your next getaway and that you continue visiting our blog.