Ashes at Sea and Funeral Farewell Ceremony

Introduction to the Sea Funeral Farewell

The sea has always been a symbol of infinity, mystery and serenity. At Sailing Trips Mallorca, we offer you the chance to experience this symbolism in an emotional and personal way. We specialise in organising the perfect maritime funeral farewell, creating a space of recollection and union for families.

Maritime funeral farewell

Why choose Sailing Trips Mallorca for your maritime ceremony?

Experience and sensitivity

Our team has been performing ceremonies at sea for years, guaranteeing a service full of respect, dignity and love. We understand how fundamental this moment is and work to make it unforgettable.

Unique destinations in Mallorca

Mallorca, with its crystal clear waters and marine landscapes, is the ideal place for a ceremony. With us, you will discover serene and magical spots where you can pay tribute to your loved one.

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The process with Sailing Trips Mallorca

Personalised consultation

We meet with you to understand your wishes and visions. Each farewell is unique and we ensure that every detail reflects the personality and memories of the loved one.

Responsible ash preparation

We offer ecological and biodegradable urns, allowing the ashes to be released into the sea in a way that respects the memory and the marine environment.

The day of the ceremony

From the departure on our boat to the ceremony itself, everything is planned to make the process smooth and meaningful.

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Sailing Trips Mallorca Commitment

Respect, seriousness and professionalism

Your loved one deserves a tribute full of respect. From the first contact to the last detail of the ceremony, we guarantee a service full of sensitivity and professionalism.

Testimonials from satisfied families

Many families have placed their trust in us and highlight the empathy, dedication and love with which each ceremony is carried out. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are paramount to us.

Frequently asked questions about the funeral farewell at sea

The sea, where the sky meets the land, is the perfect place to pay tribute to those we have lost. With Sailing Trips Mallorca, we ensure that this gathering is a reflection of the love and memory of your loved one. If you are considering a maritime funeral farewell, allow us to be part of that special and eternal memory.


What is a funeral ceremony at sea?

A funeral ceremony at sea is a memorial service held in open water where people pay tribute and bid farewell to a loved one by scattering their ashes at sea, symbolising a return to the natural element and a final peaceful journey.

What are the advantages of opting for a funeral ceremony at sea instead of a traditional funeral?

Opting for a funeral ceremony at sea offers a personal and peaceful experience, connecting with nature and allowing for an intimate farewell. It is an environmentally friendly and often more economical alternative, with an open space and the ability to personalize the tribute according to specific wishes.

Do I need special permits to perform a funeral ceremony at sea?

Yes, specific permits are generally required depending on local and national jurisdiction. It is necessary to comply with maritime and environmental regulations to perform the ceremony in a legal and respectful manner.

What are the regulations and laws governing funeral ceremonies at sea?

Regulations vary by country and region, but commonly include the distance from shore where ashes can be scattered, the type of biodegradable containers allowed and the registration of the ceremony with the corresponding authorities. At Sailing Trips Mallorca, we can help you with all this paperwork and permissions.

Where can funeral ceremonies be performed at sea?

Funeral ceremonies at sea may be performed in any open body of water, but must comply with local regulations regarding distance from shore and designated areas.

What choices of urns or containers are used for ashes in a ceremony at sea?

Biodegradable urns specifically designed to dissolve in water, made of materials such as salt, sand or pressed paper, which do not harm the marine environment, are used.

Are family and friends allowed to attend the ceremony at sea?

Yes, family and friends are welcome to attend the ceremony, as long as maritime safety measures are followed and the capacity limits of the boat used are respected.

How is the ceremony performed at sea?

The ceremony usually begins with words of remembrance and tribute, followed by the scattering of the ashes at sea, and may include music, readings or personalized rituals according to the family’s preferences.

How much does a funeral ceremony at sea cost?

The cost varies according to the services included, such as the boat rental, the duration of the ceremony, and additional personalized services.

What happens after the ceremony at sea? Where are the ashes deposited?

After the ceremony, the ashes are scattered in the water, where they are integrated with the sea. You can ask us, usually services can be requested where we can also provide the exact coordinates of the site for future visits or commemorations.

Who is going to advise me to organize the ceremony of ashes at sea?

Our team of professionals with experience in the organization of maritime ceremonies will be at your disposal to guide you through every step, from the choice of the type of service to the fulfillment of all legal formalities and customization of the tribute.