Complete guide to Cala Blava

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Who names the beaches and coves? In the case of Cala Blava, the name was chosen by a developer as the cove was originally known as Cala Mosques (cove of the flies), and it was he who changed it to make it commercial. In today’s article we bring you a complete guide to Cala Blava with curiosities like this and all the services and activities available in the area.

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Cala Blava is located 3 km away from the locality of S’Arenal and belongs to the municipality of Llucmajor on the southwest coast of Majorca. Cala Blava is located five kilometres from S’Arenal, next to the urbanisation of the same name. And as we are going to explain in this post, its landscape is of a very special beauty.

How to get to Cala Blava

Access from Palma to the cove is very easy. Just follow the Ma-19 towards Ma-6014 and take exit 13 to reach Llucmajor. Then follow the signs to the urbanisation.

Parking is usually easy and access to the cove is very convenient via the stairs.

To get there from Manacor, follow the Ma-15 towards Ma-5013. Take exit 10 towards Ma-19 in Can Pastilla. Continue along Ma-19 towards Ma-6014, taking exit 13 to get to Cala Blava.

To get to Cala Blava from Pollensa, the best way is to get to Palma and from there follow the indications we have given you above. Another possibility is to get to Cala Blava by boat.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can experience the privilege of discovering the south of Mallorca from the coast, you can book a charter with us.

Description of the beach

Cala Blava is a charming beach located on the south coast of Mallorca, known for its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful views.

The beach, although not very large in size, offers a picturesque mix of golden sand and rocky areas that create an ideal environment for relaxation and exploration.

The cove is surrounded by cliffs and vegetation, providing natural shade and a sense of privacy.

Water and sea conditions in Cala Blava

The waters of Cala Blava are crystal clear and deep blue, with excellent visibility, making it a perfect place for water activities such as snorkelling.

The beach has a gentle entrance to the sea, making it safe and accessible for families with children.

Sea conditions are generally calm, with few waves in the summer months.

Local flora and fauna

The Cala Blava area is home to a rich biodiversity both on land and in the water. Among the flora are pine trees, shrubs and native plants that adorn the beach surroundings and cliffs. In the sea, visitors can find a variety of fish, algae and other marine organisms, making snorkelling a fascinating experience.

Descriptive Table of Cala Blava

Characteristics Description
Type of Sand Golden sand with rocky areas
Type of bottom for anchoring  Sandy and rocky, suitable for small boats.
Services Available Showers, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, beach bar


Services of Cala Blava

Cala Blava offers several services to ensure a comfortable and pleasant visit.

There are showers and toilets available for tourists, as well as sun lounger and parasol rental options for those who wish to enjoy the sun more comfortably.

A beach bar offers drinks and snacks, allowing bathers to cool off without having to stray too far from the shore.

Activities and attractions in Cala Blava and surroundings

Water sports

Cala Blava is a paradise for water sports lovers. The crystal clear and calm waters make it an ideal place for various activities:

  • Snorkelling: With its excellent visibility and abundant marine life, Cala Blava is perfect for snorkelling. Visitors can explore the seabed and observe a variety of fish and algae.
  • Diving: For those looking for a deeper experience, diving in Cala Blava offers the opportunity to discover underwater caves and impressive rock formations.
  • Kayaking: Kayaking allows visitors to explore the coastline at their own pace, enjoying the views of the cliffs and hidden coves.
  • Paddle Surfing: The calm waters are perfect for paddle surfing, an activity that combines fun and exercise in a stunning natural environment.

  Paddel surf en Cala Blava  

Hiking and nearby routes

The surroundings of Cala Blava are also ideal for hiking. There are several routes offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and the coast:

  • A walk at sunset will be a memory you will keep forever.
  • Cliffs Route: This trail skirts the cliffs and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean. It is a moderate hike that allows visitors to enjoy the nature and tranquillity of the area.
  • Hike to Cala Vella: A short but scenic route that takes hikers to the nearby Cala Vella, another beautiful cove that is less known and less frequented.

Other recommended activities in the area

Other options that may be of interest to visitors include:

  • Picnics and beach days: Cala Blava beach is perfect for a relaxing day on the sand, enjoying a picnic with family and friends.
  • Photography: The landscapes of Cala Blava, with its cliffs, beaches and turquoise waters, are ideal for photography enthusiasts.
  • Cave exploration: The nearby sea caves can be explored by kayak or swimming, providing an exciting and different adventure.
  • Visit Palma: The capital of Mallorca, Palma, is just a short drive away and offers a wide variety of cultural, historical and gastronomic attractions, including the impressive Palma Cathedral and the old town.

Practical advice for visiting Cala Blava

The best time to visit Cala Blava is during the spring and summer months, from May to September. During this period, the weather is warm and the sea conditions are ideal for enjoying water activities and days at the beach.

What to bring to Cala Blava

  • Sun protection: Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat.
  • Proper footwear: Bring comfortable sandals for the beach and proper footwear if you plan to hike in the surrounding area.
  • Snorkelling equipment: If you enjoy snorkelling, bring your own equipment to explore the clear waters.
  • Water and snacks: Although there is a beach bar on the beach, it is advisable to bring water and some snacks to keep you hydrated and energised.

Standards and recommendations

  • Respect the environment: Keep the beach clean, take your waste with you and use the litter bins available.
  • Conserve marine life: Do not touch or pick up plants or animals to preserve the ecosystem.
  • Water safety: Pay attention to safety signs and recommendations on the beach, and always swim in permitted areas.
  • Respect other visitors: Enjoy your day at the beach while respecting the space and tranquillity of other visitors.

By following these tips, your visit to Cala Blava will be safe, pleasant and respectful of the area’s beautiful natural surroundings. In short, Cala Blava is not only a beach destination, but also offers a wide range of activities and attractions for all tastes, guaranteeing a complete and memorable experience for its visitors.