Cala Varques: five reasons to visit it

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No restaurants, no beach bars. In Cala Varques there is no urban development and we sincerely hope that it continues to maintain its virginity. To visit Cala Varques is to surrender oneself completely to nature and to know how to appreciate that peace that is alien to the often destructive hand of man. If you are a lover of nature over comfort, welcome to paradise.

If not, I’m afraid that Cala Varques is not for you, you can save yourself the reading of these lines. Are you still here?

Great because it’s starting now!

How to get to Cala Varques

This virgin cove is located in the municipality of Manacor, hidden behind a pine forest. It is best to access it with your own boat or rental boat. The underwater conditions in Cala Varques are excellent to arrive by boat and enjoy a day of sun and beach, as these exceed six meters deep in the vicinity of the cove.

In addition, access by sea will avoid the walk, which although it is not complicated, it can dissuade more than one tourist from approaching the cove. Another good option is to arrive in your car or rental car, as the beach is located in a virgin environment where there are no nearby services. To reach it leaving Manacor, you must follow the road to Calas de Mallorca until you reach the junction with the road to Porto Cristo, turn left and about 150 meters. In spite of not having good signposting, you arrive at a fence where you have to leave the vehicle, and continue on foot, during about 20 minutes, by a way that crosses the pine grove and up to the cove. As I was saying, getting to Cala Varques by public transport is not very feasible, since the nearest bus stop is in Porto Cristo, about 11km away.

If your accommodation is located in Palma, you could take the train or the bus line 401 to Manacor, but once there you would need to use another type of transport such as cab, or rent a motorcycle or a car. And up to here the section on how to get to Cala Varques. Now, the five activities and attractions that you cannot miss in this paradise.

Five activities in Cala Varques

It is important to know that although we are talking about a virgin cove without services, you will not be alone. Long gone are the days when Cala Varques was a secret cove. Today it has become overcrowded like the rest of the island, although it is true that by having to make the journey on foot, we eliminate a certain number of people who are not willing to do so, especially families with small children. Do not think that in Cala Varques, not having services you will not be able to have fun because it is just the opposite. These are the five activities you can do in this Mediterranean paradise and the five reasons why you should visit Cala Varques:

  1. The crystal clear waters of Cala Varques are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving and you can explore underwater rock formations and rich marine life. Whether you are a beginner or an expert diver, you will find fun in Cala Varques.
  2. Senderimo Cala Varques is accessible via a trail that winds through pine trees and cliffs. The trail offers breathtaking views of the coastal landscape and the Mediterranean, an ideal landscape for nature lovers and for those looking to relax on their hikes.
  3. Photography and nature observation. To photograph the blues and greens of Cala Varques is to immortalize the natural beauty of this corner of the island, pristine landscapes, turquoise waters and rocky cliffs create perfect scenery. Cala Varques also offers the opportunity to capture the local flora and fauna, including seabirds and native plants.
  4. Relax and beach. Cala Varques beach is perfect for relaxing in the sun, reading a book or enjoying the serene atmosphere of this undeveloped area of Mallorca. Clean, shallow waters make the beach a safe place to swim and relax.
  5. Rent a boat excursion. If everything we have told you so far is not enough, another activity that will leave you speechless is to take a boat trip to one of these nearby points of interest. Here you can take a look at the tours we now have available.

Points of interest near Cala Varques

With a boat trip you can visit several of these places of interest.

  • Cala Magraner This is a small cove located near Cala Varques, less crowded and more intimate, ideal for those seeking more tranquility.
  • Cuevas del Drach A few kilometers north of Cala Varques are the famous Cuevas del Drach. They offer an impressive natural spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites, and a subway lake where classical music concerts are held.
  • Porto Cristo Less than 3.6 nautical miles away is the nearest port facility, the Port of Porto Cristo. It is also a coastal town with Mediterranean charm and a small fishing port. It offers restaurants, stores and a beach that has more services for those looking for more amenities.

Tips for visitors

To maximize the experience in Cala Varques and ensure a responsible and respectful enjoyment of the natural environment, here are some useful tips:

  • Bring sunscreen and moisturizer. Always wear high SPF sunscreen and reapply it regularly if you plan to spend all day in Cala Varques in the sun. Take enough water to stay hydrated, as the sun and physical activity can cause dehydration.
  • Respect the natural environment. Do not leave garbage or waste. Take a bag with you to collect your garbage and deposit it in the appropriate containers outside the beach. Always respect the flora and wildlife. Avoid stepping on sensitive areas such as sand dunes and do not disturb local animals.
  • Minimize your environmental impact. For example, control water consumption and avoid excessive use of polluting products.
  • Watch out for your safety. If you are going to swim or practice water activities, be aware of sea conditions and follow local safety regulations at all times. We advise you to wear good footwear both for the access hike and if you plan to hike. Its somewhat complicated access explains that the influx of bathers is less than in other coves and most of them are residents.
  • Conscious exploration. Enjoy the natural landscape without altering it. Do not make fires and do not collect seashells or other natural elements. If you plan to hike, follow marked trails and respect protected and private areas.
  • Environmental awareness. Take the opportunity to learn about the local flora, fauna and history of the area. This can enrich your experience and encourage greater respect for the environment.

As we have seen, Cala Varques is an incomparable destination in Mallorca, where nature is shown in all its splendor without the interference of urban development. From the possibility of arriving by boat to enjoy its impressive waters to hiking among pine trees and cliffs, every moment in this paradise offers an authentic experience. Of course, always practicing responsible tourism. In short, Cala Varques is more than a cove: it is a natural sanctuary that deserves to be preserved and enjoyed with conscience.